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Wallie the Sensei just signed to Capitol Records, and his single “Scandalous” is performing phenomenally. Additionally, he’s already given back to his community so early in his career.

Wallie the Sensei is the next to blow out of Compton, California. Coming out of the underground rap scene in his city, the West Coast spitter released his No Love EP earlier this year, spearheaded by breakout single “Scandalous.” From singing in church choirs to having his record being played on Power 106 (LA’s #1 Hip Hop radio station) organically speaks volumes to his talents, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Having only started recording a few years ago, the 25-year-old describes his upbringing in Compton as “fast-paced.” He adds, “It’s an urban area, some people would consider it the slums. A little difficult. It was great though in other ways, a lot of inspiration and talent there.”

When it comes to his sound, Wallie blends melody with pure hip-hop, drawing from personal experiences in his own life. Most recently, Wallie hosted an epic Back To School Weekend event giving out food, haircuts, and school supplies for all the kids in his hometown. Even though he’s in the early stages of his career, Wallie’s already showing his love and genuine care to give back to the community, following in the footsteps of the great Nipsey Hussle.

Newly signed to Capitol Records, Wallie plans to breakthrough from the underground to the mainstream. At the top of this year, he released his standout single “Scandalous,” showcasing his pipes that stem from the church choir growing up. The crazy part is, he only started recording a few years ago.

AllHipHop caught up with Wallie to discuss his biggest influences, how he got his name, recording “Scandalous,” giving back to Compton, and more!

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Wallie The Sensei Releases Visual For “Scandalous” via Capitol Records

Story by/Posted On August 18, 2020 by Ayana Rashed | RESPECT MAGAZINE

Today, rising rapper Wallie the Sensei drops his video for his breakout record “Scandalous (feat. MAR, Yaahl).” Watch it here via Capitol Records. The video was directed by Brian Alan and finds Wallie, MAR, and Yaahl, all Compton natives paying homage to their neighborhood. The camaraderie, hustle and the rawness of Compton are felt throughout the video with drinks pouring, dice rolling, and friends dancing in the streets under the California sun. On the track Wallie narrates tales of mischief from his experiences. Wallie embodies the essence of Los Angeles’s hip-hop scene as one of its rising stars. The “Scandalous” video follows the release of “Bitch Please” and “Tarzan” which are all off his debut EP No Love. 

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Wallie the Sensei - Wallie the Sensei - Tarzan (Official Video)

Instagram LIVE of Wallie the Sensei

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Wallie the Sensei

Musician: Solo Artist (Hip-Hop, Male Rap, and R&B)

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Instagram: @walliethesensei

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Released singles include: Scandalous | Tarzan | Silly Rabbit | REAPER

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New Single TARZAN

"Yo Wallie, this my favorite one next to three others but this one here do something special for those getting it out the mud!" said CLASSCFIED. Wallie the Sensei drops the anticipated new single TARZAN rom his instant classics project released by Wallie in late 2019 smashing the year inside a quarantines with hits like SANDELOUS and more. Check out all Wallie content by clicking pictures and videos to view and jump to more information about Wallie the Sensei. 


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Wallie the Sensei - Scandalous ft. MAR, Yah-L

Wallie The Sensei Feat. Nebula "Silly Rabbit" (Official Music Video)


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