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An ongoing series of informational entries for upcoming events and projects. Also check-in with us for all new news and other great drops.


Updated: 8.12.2023

Click picture for full Promotional Tours page. Our tours will start hopefully Spring 2021 after a year off for the Pandemic and we are excited to get back to work. To see some of our past tours, click the picture icon and enjoy scenes from some of our best campaigns featuring such Artist as; Eric Bellinger, YG, Mindless Behavior, Audio Push, C'Marie, Roddy Rich and many more... 

Artists interested in tours must fill out required information sheet to start the process of review.



Updated: 8.12.2023

DCLASSCFIED ENTERTAINMENT LLC is launching our Production Division and Record label department. We will start developing talent and getting artist, groups and other individuals trained and prepped for a success in the music business learning how to create leverage and control more of your career in the performing arts industry. 

Click the picture icon to see the full list of inclusions provided by DCLASSCFIED ENTERTAINMENT and PRODUCTION RECORD LABEL


Updated: 8.12.2023

CLASSCFIED will launch our NEW ARTIST SUBSRCIPTION pages for Artists where they can have their full portfolio laid out for fans, clients and potential Record Labels. 

We hope to start back the CLASSCFIED TOURS Spring 2021! 

LA LIVE looks to make their comeback this PROM season 2021 inviting all the class of 2020 out to celebrate their missed Prom season with the class of 2021 together downtown LA for another exciting year of the HOTTEST POST PROM series in the country.  



Updated: 8.12.2023

Click the picture icon for the artist checklist of needed items for a full artist profile page on CLASSCFIED.BIZ. Pages will include bio, YouTube player, Pictures, Twitter feed, FACEBOOK feed, calendar, featured sections and important details and descriptions. 

We will open categories including Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, POP, Latino, African, Dancehall and many other Artists including inside of these and more categories. 



CLASSCFIED Special events will be presenting the BIG SHOW soon in the 2021 spring season. We are excited to get back to producing Concerts and special event for our fans. 

You can look forward to seeing information for upcoming events soon so check back with us regularly for NEW information and FREE ticket opportunities. 


Updated: 8.12.2023

Click the picture to order any of our products! We include FREE shipping in all orders placed in the US and ship with 5-7 days of your order. Some items include; T-Shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Shorts and dad hats with some New WORKOUT looks for ladies on the mission to fitness. Order today!

Also stay on the look-out for FREE product giveaways!!!! MISTERY BOXES

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