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Development Department & Label

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New Record Label & Production Company

DCLASSCFIED ENTERTAINMENT will be introduced in early 2021! This is exciting news for new up-and-coming talents and artists looking for guidance and development in their craft. DCLASSCFIED is a new division of CLASSCFIED and our TOURS where we will be developing, assisting and creating the next future stars. This platform will give talent's leverage in their careers by doing the ground work in a independent situation to power up your position in the industry. By partnering with DCLASSCFIED PRODUCTION Label, you will obtain in-house production support as you develop into star. We make no guarantees for any future major Record deal with any major label but we will develop, consult and advise those clients we choice to take on.  There are several items listed below included in a DCLASSCFIED ENTERIANMENT PRODUCTION DEAL WITH US!





Development Deals Include the following items 

(some details and additional inclusions will be discussed during negotiations)



DCLASSCFIED ENTERTAINMENT AND PRODUCTIONS will assign talent with a Public Relations coordinator when deemed appropriate for  public appearances and shaping a image for interviews, meetings, red carpets and more! There is a process to obtaining a assigned Public Relations Coordinator.  Terms of your development agreement will also determine the assignment of a Public Relations coordinator.  

DCLASSCFIEDPhotographer  +Videographer

CLASSCFIED also provides information on employment opportunities in categories outside of entertainment. Check it out!


CLASSCFIED takes pride in making sure your event has the best music and atmosphere possible with our roster of DJ's. We are available for, but not limited to, school events, private parties and corporate events. Email us TODAY!


CLASSCFIED presents one of the highest level of marketing and promotions with our tours throughout Southern California for new and established Artists. Our tours are also platforms for Services and Products to be introduced and presented to youth and young adults. Our primary corporate market is based in Southern California (Los Angeles/Hollywood) .


When striving to be a successful Entertainer, most people have a GREAT TEAM assisting them! Inquire about our ways to help you take your career to the next level. We are currently managing Artists and will introduce NEW music in 2018!!!


Marketing Materials include: Posters, Flyers, Digital Cards and other items as needed for marketing. Additional marketing materials may also include artist merchandise including; T-Shirts, Hoodies, Joggers and more upon needed assignments. 


Artist subscriptions will feature a full layout including: Full page with bio, media player, photo gallery and shopping cart. More features may be included based on level of subscription!

 Subscriptions are:  6 months | 12 months


We have many opportunities to put your product in front of many people who are eager to know about the latest shoes, apparel or music! Start marketing your brand/co​mpany with us today! Click Here


DCLASSCFIED ENTERTAINMENT comes with several areas of need including Studio access. We have serval producers on our roster and remain open to working with artist's choice for production. DCLASSCFIED executive production will also guide and add input to perfecting the artist's sound and presentation. 


Executive Staff includes assigning Managers to assist and join artist management teams. Some Artists and talents may have personal managers that come with them to a new situation and that is just fine and needed to continue to be a personal manager with Company guidance. 


Once we have generated and populated the space of developing in-house talent, we will take the next action to set-up consultations and meetings to gain industry executive advice and direction. Some situations may lead to additional partnerships and new arraignments. 

DCLASSCFIED EXECUTIVE  Partners, Distribution Deals and Signing with a Major Record Label

These are advanced steps taken only after going through all channels of preparations and producing a product ready for the next step. Nothing is set or guaranteed by or from a Development deal with DCLASSCFIED ENTERTINAMENT LLC. 

Featured EPs | Tapes | Albums | Records

IMPORTANT NEWS: If you are an Artist/Group and do not have the essential items and necessary tools for starting your music career, we are here to assist you with our new full Artist Production Development Services. This means DCLASSCFIED ENTERTAINMENT will now start developing talent for independent careers, careers with the assistance of DCLASSCFIED ENT and preparing talent for major DEALS with major corporations! 

We will offer short-term and long-term agreements baring renegotiations and new conditions. Some of these Items will include (but not limited to); Meet with new Artists/Groups for introductions, create Biographies, schedule photo-shoots, arrange video-shoots w/ treatments, create web pages (linking all platforms & sites), produce marketing materials, produce fan merchandise, schedule interviews, some promotional shows, opening concerts and assist personal team with all particulars. Personal Teams are welcomed! This is development and can help all involved. 



DClassCfied Entertainment LLC

Artist Subscriptions and catalogs

New Artist Development    |    

New Artist Management 

CLASSCFIED will change the course of your development as an artist with vase marketing and strategies use for other notable artists.

CLASSCFIED Management is very selective on who we put time and energy into to when managing talent. We have our own Platforms and along with Partners, can create and development the new talents undiscovered. 

DCLASSCFIED ENTERTAINMENT LLC is more than just a development department of CLASSCFIED, we will give Artists more leverage than they had going into their current or hopeful situations. Ensuring more of your own path to greatness gives you more options and control of your career. DCLASSCFIED ENTERTAINMENT is a Development department that prepares Talent to be independent and in control. Together we can and will make stars with great content. 

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Partners and Affiliates 

T. Marshall -Record Label Executive | Adviser 

Billy Moss - Executive Producer | A&R | SMG

David Bracken - Fresh Empire | Street Elements Marketing 

Mr. Tarver - Ambassador | Band Director | Dignitary 

Derek Speight - BLACK COLLEGE EXPO Coordinator

Professor Iris Stevenson - Music Director | Dignitary 

Mike Robertson -BMIKE Productions | VALDO Ambassador

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