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PFV Honcho


Artist Name: PFV HONCHO

Coming from a small city in the Los Angeles County area called Watts Honcho grew up around all types of backgrounds one predominately being the gang violence that went on around him. Falling victim to it at a young age music, sports, and entertainment seemed to always keep him from getting all the way into the street life due to having a strong minded mother that did her best to keep him on track along side having a special needs brother. Not only did he have his mother and brother, but a promise that Honcho made to two people closest to him that passed away along his journey. One being his grandmother that passed away from a natural cause when he was 8 and his close friend who played a brotherly role that died in a drive by shooting at the age of 13. 

Ever since their death he swore and promised to become something great and never result to the street life. Growing up through the city all these years Honcho was able to over come the street life and really pursue his music dream, but also taking on the cinematography world learning both aspects of the music and entertainment industries. One of Honcho's main goals in life is to motivate people just like him with the same type of background to follow their dreams and work towards a life outside of what most people lived through in the inner city streets of LA. 

Not just in Watts, but also other cities like Compton, Inglewood and many more alike. Learning a lot from his inspirations one of them being Nipsey Hussle it gave him the motivation to want for a change as well as being surrounded by many negative aspects that could potentially take him away from what he truly wanted with a blink of an eye. 


More about PFV Honcho

As Pfv Honcho continued on with his journey he cross paths with another independent artist by the name Kslimm. Once Honcho met Kslimm the music took off from there learning new things and perfecting his craft every chance he got every time he went to Kslimm's studio in Long Beach Ca. Sometimes Honcho may say that Kslimm was one of his biggest reasons for staying out the streets for so long, but truly Kslimm just showed him another way hence creating a very close relationship between the two from music and on a friendship level. 





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PFV Honcho

Musician: Solo Artist (Hip-Hop, Rap)

Management Company: Unlisted

Instagram: @PFV_Honcho

(2,387) and counting...


Released singles include: Who Said | Deep Thoughts | Dubs

Production by: Unlisted (Various Artists)



Most recent Shows include: Stay tuned for more show to be listed




Throughout time Pfv Honcho establish a independent music career based of versatility as well as have worked with many different artists through the city and has more projects to come not just with music, but with movies and show series as well.

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