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Donny Loc's A Day In LA (Interview) by bianca roberts, dejon paul

As the city nearly burns of wildfire, and we dive later into the year, LA still seems to be heating up. Art imitates life as the city's resurgence gains more tangibility every day. Today that is manifested in the form of Donny Loc. A slender, tatted figure known for his "2Skandalous" and "Los Skandalous" mixtapes, and his function tinged, Ron Ron produced "Project X" single. The most shocking revelation of his visit is that he has a strict regard for Los Angeles emcees, rendering salutations preferably to those born within the physical city limits of Los Angeles, in contrast to the celebration of LA county born counterparts. His office visit would make for what would lead to a strikingly deep and intellectual insight into the world of Donny Loc. Behind the party rapper's bravado is a well intended youth patient enough to wait his turn to blow up.

Conversation with Bianca of  A Day In LA

Bianca: Who are your top five LA Rappers of All Time?

Donny: See this is the thing, with people I hang with, I debate about this with a lot. A lot of people can't even name me five rappers from South Central? It's all on what you consider LA. I'm just gone speak on South Central, and some of West LA. Me personally my top five out of LA is Nipsey Hussle, Schoolboy Q. There was this dude that passed away his named was Dolla, he was hard. I'm tryna think of people that just press the LA line. And Snoop Dogg.

Bianca: Besides them, what artists nationwide did you grow up listening to?

Donny: I got a diverse group of music that I listen to. I listen to Big L all the way to Cassidy. I love New York rap cause they all about bars. I grew up listening to a lot of Snoop, and Lil Wayne. The old Lil Wayne, like "The Drought", "No Ceilings", "The Carter". A lot of Eminem, the old Eminem. Nipsey Hussle for sure. I listen to a good amount of Kendrick, not too much recently. Then I go even to Lauryn Hill, and Bob Marley cause my dad listened to a lot of that. Jamaican artist like Peter Taj, and Buju Banton. Them the people I grew up listening to because my pops was playing it. It's kinda diverse. I be everywhere with my music, I try different styles. I don't have one distinct sound. That's why I feel like I'm so diverse as an artist, personally.


October 25, 2019 Donny Loc's A Day In LA (Interview) by bianca roberts, dejon paul

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DonnyLoc- Demon TimeInformation 

Check out Donny Loc post break as he prepares for shows throughout the Westcoast and some national show coming to a city near you! Follow Donny Loc on all platforms and listen to his music below on his YouTube page. Twitter is also a great way to stay intouch with Donny Loc and where he will be next.

You can also see Instagram LIVE stories 

@Donnyloc | TWITTER @Itsdonnyloc

Donny Loc

Musician: Solo Artist (Hip-Hop, Rap)

Management Company: LOTS OF CASH

Instagram: @Donnyloc

(21.6K) and counting...

Released singles include: Demon Time | Birthday | Out the Mud

Production by: Unlisted (Various Artists)


Most recent Shows include: Stay tuned for upcoming shows post-pandemic

DonnyLoc - Birthday (feat. Bino Rideaux) [Official Audio]

Still working hard during the shutdown, Donny Loc has teamed up with New LA upcoming star making radio noise Bino Rideaux. This vibe is set for summer cruising on Venice late into the night before visiting Donny Loc on the West. His style is multi and continues to bring more heat as the Westcoast stack up talent for the big music take-over. Listen to the new record below and stay tuned for music video. 

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DonnyLoc - Birthday (feat. Bino Rideaux) [Official Audio]

DonnyLoc - Betty Bop (Prod. Verrsaucy) | Shot By: Rob Banks


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