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Artist Name: Azjah

The Royal Treatment

It’s been a quarter-century since L.A. had a female rap star. Azjah is about to change that.

BY MAX BELL • AUGUST 3, 2020 ~ TheLand Magazine


There used to be covered parking inside Compton’s New Wilmington Arms housing complex, but today, the cars of tenants and visitors bake beneath the bitterly hot sun. Azjah hides from the heat in the back seat of her mother’s grey Volkswagen. It’s been more than a decade since she’s been a resident, but she’s no visitor.


Moments after she gets out of the car, several grade school kids from the complex ask her for a photo. Only a head or so taller than some, she puts her arms around them and poses, her dark straightened hair flowing from beneath a backwards hat and resting on her shoulders. When she smiles, you can see braces brackets glued to her teeth. She swallowed their connecting wire years ago and has wanted to remove them ever since. Right now, she believes there are more important expenses.


Azjah is a celebrity here. At 25 years old, she has the potential to be the biggest ever female artist from Compton. Her songs have received millions of streams, and last year she appeared alongside Snoop Dogg on his album I Wanna Thank Me — the only female rapper to appear on its 22 tracks. But little about her demeanor or attire indicates the oversized persona that often accompanies burgeoning rap stars. Emerging from the car, she speaks softly, her eyes slightly downcast. She wears a plain white tee and black jogger sweats. No gaudy watches or jewelry. The only visible sign of her recent success is a small gold and diamond-studded pendant of her likeness hanging around her neck. A gift from her father and co-manager, Rocc.


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More About Azjah

One thing that separates this artist from the rest of the other rising rappers, is her unique voice and conscious tongue. Whether she is flowing about having a good time, or talking about the Compton culture, it is clear that she has what it takes to make it big time in the music industry. Azjah is name you will want to get familiar with, as she is gearing up for her biggest year yet musically.



Azjah  -, Shordie Shordie & Kalan.FrFr. - Time For It (Remix)

Instagram LIVE of Azjah

You can also see Instagram LIVE stories @Azjah



Musician: Solo Artist (Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B)

Management Company: Rocc Solid Entertainment 

Instagram: @Azjah

(63.8k) and counting...

Twitter: @

YouTube :

Released singles include: Time for It | True Story | Ridin thru the city

Production by: Various Producers

Soundcloud MUSIC:

Most recent Shows include: Stay tuned for upcoming shows on her event calendar below


More About Azjah

Since releasing her first record, Azjah was still unsure of whether or not she would pursue music. She gave up a few times before releasing her second single “Time For It” in October 2018, which really created a buzz throughout the city. People’s positive reactions to her music gave Azjah the confidence to go full-force, dropping another record a couple of months later titled “Spotlight.” The success of these three singles eventually caught the attention of EMPIRE who recently signed her to a distribution deal. Azjah released her debut project on April 26, 2019. She is on a mission to become the first female artist from Compton to gain national success, and is well on her way.

More Music Videos

Azjah - RIDIN THRU THE CITY (Official Video)

Azjah - ABOUT YOU (Official Video)


Azjah Events Calendar

Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.



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