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Artist Name: Lambo4oe

 SEPTEMBER 26, 2020 BY SANDLOT TIMES Story by Custodio 


Fresh off of the release of 4Ever, we had the chance to tap in with Lambo4oe. Lambo4oe aka (Lambdiddy), offers a sobering depiction of life outside of rap dreams. He writes like someone that is focused on keeping their head above water, hustling from nothing and dwindling hopes that a career in music will provide all promised fortunes to change his reality.

Custodio: What’s good LAMBO4OE? How’s life treating you?

Lambo4oe: Good, everything is great, just focusing on my career and in the studio working towards my goals.

Custodio: Can you tell our readers who you are and where you’re from? How did you get into music?

Lambo4oe: What’s good my name is Lambo4oe and I’m from Watts, California.

My mom and dad is from Watts and so is all my family on both sides. So I was kinda born into who I am. I played football most of my life. My era growing up in Watts, everybody wanted to go d1 and play football. I kinda fell into that same stereotype and I was actually kinda good but football wasn’t my thing. I always had a thing for music and the sounds that caught my ear the most. I always thought I was different and didn’t think nothing of it, but little did I know that was my gift, a genius ear for music and sounds. It’s crazy how your gifts make room for you… then my dad died, I fell out of love with sports and found myself starting to do a lot of bad stuff. But, I’d never get caught and I felt like my momma was giving up on me so I told myself I’m going to do something I can be proud of since I felt like I was the only person that was gonna get me out my situation.

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More from Lambor4oe

I created my own sound called Lear music. A sound that’s on another level and you going to feel everything listening to my music. I wanted to relate to the world. I never just want to be a rapper, I wanna create art, I like all music and just off the fact I know that there’s something out there someone hasn’t done gives me the drive to keep creating, living in the music and giving my fans a hands on feeling.

I listened to Lil Boosie, Lil Wayne, Future, Juvenile, Plies, Jeezy, Rich Hommie, TI and Meek Mill. But, for the most part I liked singing music. My dad always played Toni Braxton, Usher, Chris Brown, Donell Jones, Ron Isley, SOS band, Ralph Tresvant, Tina Marie, Michael Jackson and some soul for real. To sum it up, NIPSEY HUSSLE WAS THE BIGGEST IMPACT. HE TALKED TO MY LIFE AND HE TOLD IT HOW IT REALLY WAS FOR US OR OTHER PEOPLE AROUND ME. HE MADE ME FEEL LIKE I COULD BE GREAT LIVING ON THE WESTSIDE WITH MY GRANDMA AND GAVE ME THE CHANCE TO SEE HIS BLACK MAY-BACK DRIVE DOWN 62 and Vermont a few times. I told myself I’m go be that person. 



Lambo4oe - ManDown


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Lambo40eMusician: Solo Artist (Hip-Hop, Male Rap, and R&B)

Management Company:

Instagram: @lambo4oe

(18.8k) and counting...

Twitter: @


YouTube :

Released singles include: He ain't go even pull up | Lear | Spaceship | ManDown

Production by: Various Producers


Soundcloud MUSIC:

Most recent Shows include: Stay tuned for upcoming shows on her event calendar below


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Track List

Lear · Lambo4oe

Lamb 4

℗ lambdiddy music group

Released on: 2020-06-13

How I Feel · Lambo4oe

Lamb 4

℗ lambdiddy music group

Released on: 2020-06-13

Missiles · Lambo4oe

Lamb 4

℗ lambdiddy music group

Released on: 2020-06-13

More Music Videos

Lambo4oe - "Spaceship" (Shot By @RicoFilms)


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